Long Shadow Cover Art

Long Shadow

Written in an introspective moment whilst lost in the woods, Long Shadow blossomed from a simple acoustic idea into a lush, fully orchestrated production. The track showcases a melodic interplay of multiple guitars, an atmospheric Hammond organ and piano part
courtesy of the talented Joshua Burnell, powerful drums, and a heart-pounding double bass played by Sam Jackson. Producer Dan Webster adds his signature touch with a soaring lead guitar solo.

Lambert describes the song as a reflection of the heartache one feels when a loved one is distant, and the wrenching regret of not doing everything possible to keep them close. He adds, "It's a bit self-indulgent as a concept really - like wallowing in a sadness of your own

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Ghosts Cover Art


I’ve always wanted to write a song like this, weaving together tales of multiple people, and when I had a chance and very weird encounter with a dog walker outside York Minster, the first verse virtually wrote itself.

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