Never Die Cover Art

Never Die

"Never Die”, is the captivating third offering from Pete Lambert’s forthcoming debut album.

Released on July 14th, 2023, "Never Die" is a heartfelt exploration of clinging onto something that has already slipped away, navigating the stages of grief with poignant introspection.

"Never Die" delves into the realm of personal loss and acceptance. It confronts the emotional turmoil of being the last person to realise that a relationship, friendship, or significant period in life has reached its end. Lambert's lyrics exude a raw vulnerability, guiding listeners through denial and ultimately arriving at a place of embracing cherished memories as the most valuable remnants of the experience.

Musically, "Never Die" draws inspiration from esteemed artists like Jason Isbell, blending simplicity and grandeur to deliver a deceptively expansive sound. Lambert envisioned a sonic landscape that incorporated strings and the haunting allure of electric guitar, resulting in a collaboration with incredible talents. Notably, the single features the artistry of Alex Victoria on cello and backing vocals, Emily Lawler on violin, Sam Jackson on double bass, and Joshua Burnell on synth, bringing a touch of sweepy synth magic that ties the composition together seamlessly.

Produced by Dan Webster, who also lends his expertise on electric guitar, "Never Die" showcases Lambert's ability to captivate audiences with his subtle and emotional fingerstyle guitar, honest lyrics, and heartfelt performances. Hailing from York, UK, Lambert draws influences from folk, Americana, and country music to create a sound that resonates with audiences longing for authentic storytelling.