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I Told You A Story

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Following the success of a string of singles including Every Time, Never Die and Long Shadow, Pete Lambert releases his debut long player, I Told You A Story.

Singer-songwriter Pete Lambert is set to unveil his debut album, "I Told You A Story," a compelling collection of songs that traverse the emotional landscape of personal reflection, relationships, and spirited storytelling. Featuring Lambert's previously released singles like "Every Time," "Never Die," "Ghosts," and "Long Shadow," alongside new tracks that resonate with authenticity and heartfelt narratives.

The album's track list weaves together intimate, introspective ballads such as "The Things I Think" and "High Horizons," with conceptual storytelling in tracks like "Ghosts," which delves into the lives of diverse characters. The title track, "I Told You A Story," celebrates the joy of human connection, while "Without The Whisky" offers an infectious, old-timey country vibe perfect for tapping (and drinking) along.

Produced in collaboration with Dan Webster, the album boasts a rich Americana sound, accentuated by the talents of guest musicians including Alex Victoria, Emily Lawler, Joshua Burnell, Sam Jackson, and Bella Gaffney. Webster himself adds electric guitar to several tracks, enhancing the album's dynamic range and emotional depth.

Reflecting on the album's creation, Lambert shares, "Writing and recording this record has been an eye-opening experience for me. Each song is a piece of my journey, from the deeply personal to the universally relatable. It's been incredibly freeing to bring these stories to life and share them with the world."

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